Dedicated professionals and equipment, 72-hour turn-time, and simulation software that will save you at least one spin on your board, guarantees you and our NPI team the advantage!

While many EMS companies promote their New Product Introduction (NPI) service, QSR actually has both a team and a manufacturing line dedicated to NPI.

The dedicated NPI manufacturing line ensures ample prototype capacity. Process and equipment validation during prototyping facilitates a seamless scale-up to full production volumes.

Our NPI team understands the changing natures of prototype builds. We work closely with the multiple customer departments involved in product design. Changes are accommodated quickly.

Through its partnership with Valor Computerized Systems, QSR offers robust Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis as part of our NPI program. Highly intuitive Valor software enables QSR to simulate an electronics assembly. Critical design rules are enforced, a full pad-stack simulation is performed, and a comprehensive BoM/AVL comparison takes place – all before spinning the first fabrication. Valor DFM saves QSR’s customers time and money. Potential design issues are detected and communicated before they have a chance to happen.

Time is of the essence when it comes to prototypes. QSR’s dedicated NPI procurement specialists take a relentless approach to quickly deliver a timely turnkey solution. QSR’s standard NPI turnaround is typically three days or less after receipt of materials and documentation.

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